Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Eyes

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It’s said that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul, and when we look at pictures, it’s often times the eyes that draw us in. We want to make sure that you know some tricks to make your eyes pop for your pictures!

There are lots of different reasons we may have a favorite outfit: maybe it’s super comfy, or maybe we like the way it makes us feel, or maybe we like the way it complements our skin tones or seems to make our eyes pop. But there’s actually truth to that! Certain colors will make your eyes dazzling, and you can use these tricks for eye makeup and clothing choices alike.

You may remember your art teacher talking about complementary colors being on opposite sides of the color wheel, and this applies to your eye color too. Check out the best choices for your eyes below. Also, consider wearing an ensemble of your choice and accessorizing with things to make your eyes sparkle. You don’t have to wear yellow to throw a mustard hat into the mix that will really work wonders for your green eyes since it sits right above them. Check out one of my favorite hat places here, and pick a fun hat that will dazzle your unique eyes.

Green-eyed Gals:

If you’re a green-eyed gal like me, purple is going to be your friend, probably your best friend, but we’ll talk about some other options too. Any shade of purple will do, but the deeper the purple, the more pop and sparkle you’ll notice. Coral is also a great choice for you, especially in those summer months. Reds are good, as are mustards. Lots of times green-eyed people have flecks of lots of other colors within their eyes, and the mustard will help to pull those golden flecks and make them shine. Since no one wears red eyeshadow, options include anything with an orange-ish hue to it, but my personal favorites are deep purples like eggplant. Try pairing this with a brown or purple eyeliner instead of black.

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Blue-eyed Beauties:

My son has dazzling blue eyes like his dad, and already I can tell that brown is a good color option for him. Any brown-ish neutrals like beige or taupe will have the same effect. (This makes sense since orange is the complement to blue.) Other good options for those of you with blue eyes are any shades of pink or light green. Yes, it’s true that green-eyed people can wear green, and blue-eyed people can wear blue, but the color popping we’re going for best occurs when you go for a complement or opposite color of your eyes. Try it! Brown eye shadows are going to look amazing on you. Make sure you use a brown eyeliner with it for best results, and consider a brown hat to have people really staring at your eyes.

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Brown-eyed Babes:

Brown eyes can be trickier to make pop than the other colors, but no worries. It can be done. Try wearing greens, especially muted earthy greens like army greens. And just as blue-eyed people should wear brown since it’s their complement, the opposite is true for you as well. Deep blues will help to make your eyes stand out. Since your eyes are already neutral, other neutrals will also look nice. Try a classic black. Also in your color wheel are pinks and gold. In case you’re wondering after reading the color options for clothing, yes, your eyes are super versatile! You have lots of choices when it comes to eye makeup. Deep purple or bronze will make your eyes have more clarity, while greens will make your eyes seem lighter. Charcoal or silver are stunning options for brown eyes and should be used with a black eyeliner.

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Hazel-eyed Hotties:

Okay, I don’t ever use the term “hottie”, but I needed an “h” word here. Lol. You gals are going to borrow a lot from the green-eyed gals (since there is, in fact, green in hazel eyes). Brown and grey will look nice on you, and oranges and purples will pull out the green in your eyes and make them pop. As with your wardrobe choices, eggplant eyeshadow or browns with orange undertones are good options for your eye makeup.