Featured Session: Anyela

We had Anyela model for us while we played with our new lighting, and to say we were excited would be an understatement. It was a fun day, and the pictures turned out beautiful! Probably most people would never know the difference in what they were seeing without side by side images with and without off camera lighting, but the result was stunning. Anyela and Leslie came over to do hair and makeup before the shoot (didn’t Leslie do a stellar job?), and Julia came along for the session. We always love it when seniors bring friends for the shoot, and at the end we even got a couple of fun shots of the two of them together. Looove the genuine emotion we were able to capture. Laughter is the best.

Anyela Valenzuela_010_Blog.jpg
Anyela Valenzuela_024_Blog.jpg
Anyela Valenzuela_068_Blog.jpg
Anyela Valenzuela_093_Blog.jpg
Anyela Valenzuela_106_Blog.jpg