Meet Shie - Our Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

This year we’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering options for packages that include professional hair and makeup for our senior sessions. Senior pictures are one of the most memorable moments of your senior year, and we think it shouldn't just be about getting pictures you'll cherish forever, but creating an experience you won't forget either.

Our top session package will include a three hour shoot in Wichita or anywhere in between with professional hair and makeup not only before the shoot, but during the shoot as well so you can switch up your outfit and your style. 

Shie is the hair and makeup artist we’ll be partnering with. (Check her out at Eric Fisher Salon in Wichita if you’re needing a new do this spring. You won't regret it.)

Anywho, we all decided to get together to play around with a shoot in Wichita since the weather was nice. She was rocking this vintage/spring look. Check out some of our favorites.

Shie Herriage_045_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_062_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_001_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_083_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_124_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_135_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_147_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_156_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_205_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_211_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_252_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_286_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_292_Blog.jpg
Shie Herriage_322_Blog.jpg