Senior Style Guide


Accessories can add interest to your pictures and make for some different and fun shots. Bring along some shades or a fun, floppy hat for your shoot. If the season is right, consider a scarf or beanie. 

Brittney Schrag_030_Blog.jpg


When it comes to senior pictures, there is no such thing as being overdressed. Here's a good excuse to get that formal out that you only got to wear for prom and get some stunning pictures in it. You'll love the elegant and classy downtown shoot with them, or they're perfect for any of you wishing to show off a theatre or music interest. 

Julia Taylor Wichita KS_141_Blog.jpg


Though we tend to prefer the dressy look ourselves, there's a time and place for a down-to-earth, casual apparel. Julia added a bandana to complete her look, and Rheagan rocked the ballcap to add interest to her casual style. 

Julia Taylor Wichita KS_166_Blog.jpg

Unique, Dressy Outfits

There's never a more perfect time for a statement piece than your senior pictures. Lindsey is sporting a fun, off-the-shoulder, sleeved, crop top and culottes. Keyara and Atarah opted for pantsuits, allowing for a dressy style with tons of posing options that wouldn't work in dresses. 

Lindsey Outfit 1_005_Blog.jpg

Fun Shoes

Sometimes we forget about our feet, but the right pair of shoes can really make an outfit. Look how much interest that splash of color adds to these pictures, and Shie's lace-up sandals are the perfect look for a spring or summer style. 

Lindsey Outfit 2_008-2_Blog.jpg


Dresses always make for nice senior pictures, especially when paired with a unique location, like water pictures or a wheat field. A more flowy dress would be appropriate for those types of pictures, whereas fitted dresses would look nice in a downtown, classy location. Make sure you choose a dress that flatters your body type. 

Marrissa Outfit 1_001_Blog.jpg

Cold-Shoulder and Off-the-Shoulder 

The cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder styles are popular right now, and help to flatter your arms and hide any tan lines you may be rocking at this point. 

Marrissa Outfit 2_003_Blog.jpg

Flannels and Overalls

Another really great option for pictures are flannel shirts or overalls (or the two put together). Overalls are definitely in right now and look great with a tank top, t-shirt, or an off-the-shoulder, casual shirt paired with them. 

Marrissa Outfit 3_005_Blog.jpg


Layers get a big YES from us for several reasons. Not only do they add interest to your pictures and allow for more posing options by putting hands in pockets or popping a collar, but they are also more flattering to most everyone, helping to draw attention away from your arms and back to your face. They are also really good at hiding tan lines, and are so much better than a simple tank top. Rompers are also huge right now, and we're a big fan of how these rompers look paired with a cardigan or lace duster. Kimonos are a good option, as is denim. Always denim. 

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Simple Elegance

Bright colors and solids will really stand out. These two tops look classy and stunning on Shie and Taylor. Instead of a busy pattern, they add interest with a scalloped hem and fluffy sleeves. Also, we're loving Shie's high-waisted pants that are in right now. You'll appreciate what they do for your waistline too.

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