Featured Session: Shayla

We’re throwing it back to one of our summer shoots for this blog. I need something warm in the midst of all of this January. I can smell the thunderstorm we got caught in the middle of during this shoot like it was yesterday. Part two was a MUCH more pleasant evening, but Shayla was joyful for both, her typical happy and bubbly self. Shayla’s pictures showcase several of her talents: music/theatre, color guard, and cross country. These were just a few of our favorites from the shoot, and I love that you can get a glimpse into her light-hearted self in a few of the pictures. She’s a gem.

Shayla Garcia_006_Blog.jpg
Shayla Garcia_104_Blog.jpg
Shayla Garcia_021_Blog.jpg
Shayla Garcia_093_Blog.jpg
Shayla Garcia_085_Blog.jpg
Shayla Garcia_117_Blog.jpg