Hobby Lobby Challenge

Many of you have probably heard of the Hobby Lobby Challenge. For those who haven’t, it’s a thing sweeping the country where people (okay, mostly teenagers) get pictures of themselves amidst the floral or greenery in the store. This sounds pretty silly, but it originated as part of the #uglylocationchallenge where photographers take pictures in what would typically be thought to be an ugly location. The pictures, however, would turn out stunning, showing off the photographer’s skills and providing a surprising and unique image.

While in Hutchinson a few weeks ago, Brad and I decided to take on the Hobby Lobby challenge ourselves. To get in touch with our youth? For a good laugh? I really don’t know, but the results were humorous and the experience fun.

Buuuut, you need a little bit of backstory in order to fully appreciate that.

So I have grown into this person who really doesn’t like to break rules. For example, I’m a huuuuge Coke fan (any who know me know this), and I just can’t stand the thought of attending a movie theatre where I’m forced to drink Pepsi or Dr. Pepper with my popcorn. I just can’t. So . . . rule follower that I am . . . I have been known to sneak the occasional Coke into the theatre.

This is not revolutionary. I know. Chances are you’ve done this too to save a buck.

The thing is . . . I get suuuuper nervous when I do this. I’m absolutely certain someone will be able to discern that I’m holding a Coke beneath my jacket and that we’ll be kicked out of the movie theatres, never allowed to return. I know this is ridiculous (lol), but I have a physical response to all of this (faster pulse, sweaty palms, shifty eyes. Every dead giveaway you can think of. Yes, that’s me.) Brad thinks I’m ridiculous, and I totally am. But I will NOT drink a Pepsi.

Feeling more than a little ridiculous. 

Feeling more than a little ridiculous. 

Anyway, with that backstory, you should know that when we entered Hobby Lobby to take on this challenge, Brad with his camera hidden among the baby stroller, I was a nervous wreck. I was sure we would be kicked out of Hobby Lobby, and I quite like that store. This was only compounded when Brad had me sit on the bottom shelf amidst the greenery, and I could hear people’s carts as they squeaked closer, followed by the funny glances people threw our way as people passed the aisle. “Brad. Take. The picture.”

After catching the greenery aisle, we moved into the floral department, closer to the registers, and closer to our impending forced exodus, I was certain. Jameson watched from his stroller, completely oblivious to the fact that this sort of behavior from his parents would surely embarrass him in a few years. Sorry, kid.

I had never been so relieved to be done with a shoot. Lol. I also felt a bit invigorated, though. Like, “Yeah, we’re still young. Wild and crazy.” Okay. Probably not.

We’ll definitely stick to being the ones behind the camera in the future. But here are some pictures for your amusement.

Courtney Emery Hutchinson KS_006_Blog.jpg
Photo Mar 09, 11 20 29 AM_Blog.jpg
Photo Mar 09, 11 27 32 AM_Blog-1.jpg